5.4.3. Olfactory deterrents

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Last update: June 2023

Olfactory deterrents or so-called ‘scented fences’ are intended to keep wildlife away from crops and urban green spaces and they are also proposed as a method to prevent accidents on infrastructure (Figure 5.4.3). Synthetically produced fragrances which imitate human or predator scents are often deployed. These products should be used only during short critical periods because animals become readily habituated (see Rationale box. Deterrents to wildlife). 

Figure 5.4.3 – A: Combined olfactory and visual deterrents intended to alert wildlife and keep them away from roads (scent is placed in the blue reservoir). A recent study revealed that this device is not effective in changing deer behaviour. (Photo by: WLS.CH); B: ‘Scent barrier’ where a substance that is intended to deter ungulates is located in posts beside a road. The effectiveness of this measure is not yet demonstrated (Photo by: Minuartia). To avoid Less favourable / More research required Optimal

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